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Saturday, June 4 from 10 am - 3 pm

2741 100th St., Urbandale, IA  50322



Pudo is a 6 year old calico. She is a very social and talkative kitty. Her owner passed away suddenly and her family asked for our help in finding her a new home. She gets along with dogs and cats with proper introduction and time. She loves to be held, petted and cuddle with you. She is truly a sweet kitty who lost her daddy and is now seeking a new family to call her own. She was spoiled rotten and loves all the attention she can get. If interested in meeting Pudo please fill out an application.


Storm is a small one year old terrier mix girl weighing 21lbs..She is a very sweet and happy girl. She is good with other dogs once introduced and is pretty good with cats as well.  Storm iis interested in cats, but once told by the cats that they do not want to play, she leaves them alone. Storm is potty trained and does extraordinarily well being kenneled during the day and at night. Storm does like to run and may try to escape and run free so a well fenced yard would be good for her. She is also a great jumper. She is learning commands and can sit and come very well.  Storm is a smart girl. If you want to meet Storm, please feel out an application.

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